Sudbury letter: Those who drive drunk and kill should be put away for decades

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I’m writing this in regards to the idiot who killed three children and their grandfather and was released after only four years of a 10-year jail sentence.

I commend what Mothers Against Drunk Driving is trying to do; however, they need to rethink their strategy. They lobby for tougher laws and sentences, yet the guy who gets caught 10 times, or kills four people, seems to continue to get slaps on the wrist.

In Sudbury, we all remember the three teenagers getting run down in Hammer (Note: Nicolas Piovesan was sentenced to seven years in that case and was released from jail after less than five years).

Every couple of years, the laws get tougher on the guy who stops for one beer after work. I guarantee he learns his lesson after losing his car for 10 days, but I also guarantee Marco Muzzo will get charged for impaired again down the road somewhere. He should have got 40 years for what he did.

Start giving sentences like that and I guarantee people will think 10 times before taking that chance. Stop concentrating on the guy stopping off for 15 minutes on his way home from work, and get legislation that puts these people behind bars until they are too old to drive again.

Alan Barry



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