Sudbury letters: Tributes for Carol Mulligan

In this file photo, Star reporter Carol Mulligan read and talked to students at Cyril Varney Public School's Family Literacy Day. John Lappa/The Sudbury Star

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Carol Mulligan cared about the community — MPP

Like many Sudburians, I first got to know Carol Mulligan by reading her byline at the end of the many excellent articles she wrote for The Sudbury Star. However, over the past 10 years, I was fortunate to have had many opportunities to get to know her as more than an award-winning journalist.

Carol Mulligan was my friend.

Above all else, Carol was a journalist – even in her off-time. I can scarcely remember a time when she wasn’t scribbling in her ever-present notebook. Her handwriting was large, with dramatic loops that were completely illegible to me. She once told me that, even when not reporting, her notes helped her to better-appreciate what was being said during events.

Personally, I’ve always believed this was because Carol enjoyed reporting more than anything else. As every Sudburian knows, Carol’s had a long, impressive career as a journalist. And, let’s face it, even when she retired, she never really retired.

At the root of this, I believe, was that Carol was someone who cared. Carol Mulligan cared about our city; the people who lived here; and, the stories they had to tell. She cared about the details and loved to ask questions that allowed her to share a larger, more-informative story with the rest of Sudbury.

Along with being an amazing journalist, Carol was a wonderful candidate who competed with Beth Mairs and me to be the 2018 Ontario NDP candidate for the riding of Sudbury. Her slogan was ‘Everyone deserves a Mulligan’. I couldn’t agree more.

I was lucky to have known Carol as a journalist and as a friend. My very sincere condolences to her many friends and to her family.

Jamie West,

MPP, Sudbury


Carol Mulligan’s reporting helped get PET scanner

Carol Mulligan was a journalist of the people, for the people. She put her heart and soul into her profession for many decades.

Carol covered numerous stories having roots in injustice. We could always count on Carol’s coverage being clear, accurate and impactful. In most cases, her writing effected change for the betterment of the people or cause involved and, subsequently, the citizens of Sudbury.

Whether she wrote about seniors, health care, or mining health and safety issues, her coverage was thought-provoking and often sparked action that led to improved quality of life for Sudburians.

Small but mighty, a force to be reckoned with, Carol always pushed issues forward with her line of questioning to politicians, CEOs and administrators to get to the truth in order to acquire justice for the citizens involved and resulting in a better community for all.

Regarding the Sam Bruno PET scanner initiative, I had often told Carol that our cause would have been “dead in the water a long time ago” if it wasn’t for her keeping it “out there and alive in the press.”

Article after article she wrote, gala after gala she attended, each and every update was documented by Carol throughout the nine-year journey beginning with Sam Bruno’s passionate plea to politicians, hospital administrators and anyone else he thought would listen to help him make a PET scanner for our hospital a reality.

He found an advocate and true friend in Carol Mulligan, as did we. As a result, we now have the best PET scanner suite in all of Canada, according to those in the know.

We couldn’t have done it without Carol.

This week, the family, friends and community of Carol Mulligan were struck a hard blow. This truly amazing woman had unexpectedly passed away following surgery. Our hearts are heavy and we are all deeply saddened by our loss.

“The measure of greatness is not a place in a history book, but a place in the hearts of those who pass your way.”

May you rest in peace, Carol.


Brenda Tessaro, a friend

The Sam Bruno PET Scanner Steering Committee