Sudbury letters: Support our children; city's borrowing crazy

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Support the kids

It is the morning of Sept. 20. People are filling the streets as climate strikes roll across the globe, starting with 300,000-plus in Australia, then Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Africa, Europe, and sweeping across the ocean to reach us here in North America. As of last week, Climate Action Week (Sept. 20-27) has 5,776 events registered in 2,966 cities, in 161 countries, including 121 events in Canada. That number will grow.

Many businesses and organizations have closed their offices for the day in solidarity with youth around the world asking for a safe future. Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury does not have an office, but on Sept. 20 and Sept. 27, there will be no e-mail follow-ups, no policy submissions, no meetings scheduled, as we join this week of action for climate action.

Here in Sudbury, Fridays for Future youth, who have been honoured with Amnesty’s Ambassador of Conscience Award, are organizing an Earth Rally for Sept. 26, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Grace Hartman Amphitheatre in Bell Park. Hundreds of school kids will attend with their schools and all supporters are welcome.

What do you do when youth call on us all to stand up for the sake of their future and the future of our planet? You show up. See you there.


Naomi Grant

Co-chair, Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury



Send PM packing

I really can’t believe the awful frenzy of our citizens over our PM and his blackface antics. It’s something he kept apologizing about for hours, fully aware of a previous report from the Fraser Institute on him being the most expensive PM ever during four years of an awful amount of spending for a PM not facing a war or a recession.

Yes, he most certainly had to know about this and our voters for some reason didn’t and allowed him a huge free pass.

It is beyond shame.

Now on Oct. 21, we can send him packing forever if we wish and whom might I ask does not want that to happen?


John Oattes



Borrowing crazy

Borrowing $200 million? What is this mayor and council thinking?

There’s still $83 million currently owing by the City of Greater Sudbury. Why is this not being paid off from the more than $200 million in reserves ?

So, if we can’t afford to pay off $83 million, what’s with the additional $200 million?

Speaking of reserves, why is there still $15 million being put into this every year?

Is this amount of reserves not self-sustaining? Put the monies into current shortfalls.

Or better still, how about zero increase in taxes for a few years?

None of the so-called major projects have full approval.

Interest rates are showing a downward trend, and the politicians want to lock us in at a higher rate for 30 years?

The population trend shows seniors are heading to become the major population percentage. (Population is declining).

Yet, seniors are heading towards fixed incomes, less likely to use these fancy facilities and can’t afford the more than the cost-of-living tax increases thrown at us every year,

What about all these other projects that are lying around? Like $80 million for a new police station or $35 million for Highway 144 four-laning?

Has the Pioneer Manor $40 million in upgrades been done yet? Increasing shortfalls for local roads and infrastructure are gaining ground. Are we going to borrow more monies for these, as well?

The three levels of government all forget about the other two levels, each doing their own increases that are accumulative between the three.

I figure the total tax increases between the three levels of government total just shy of 15 per cent a year, even though 97 per cent of the people don’t get income increases coming anywhere close to this. Our poor children and grandchildren are inheriting a burden of government debt, plus the interest.

Oh, I forgot: climate change will kill us all within 200 years.

All politicians must wake up and spend according to our means. Get off this spend, spend, spend trend.


Peter Browne