Next chapter in Sudbury film premieres Saturday

Chapter 8 of Perspective will premiere Saturday as part of Cinefest. Supplied photo jpg, SU

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Thorneloe University has announce the Greater Sudbury-produced dramatic feature, Perspective, will premiere at 5 p.m. on Saturday as part of Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival’s Cinema Summit program.

Subtitled “Variations on a Love Triangle,” Perspective was written and directed by local filmmaker Benjamin Paquette, and features local performers Stéphane Paquette, Patricia Tedford and Pandora Topp.

The film is divided into nine chapters, was shot over nine years and spans nine years in the lives of three characters named “Alex.”

Perspective is unique in that it is a film in progress that has evolved over nearly a decade and will conclude next year. Every year since 2012, a new chapter has been presented exclusively at Cinéfest, along with each proceeding chapter. Each chapter runs approximately 15-30 minutes with the completed film expected to run 160 minutes. The film currently runs two hours and 39 minutes.

Perspective was produced in collaboration with Thorneloe University’s Motion Picture Arts (MPA) program, and many of its faculty and students were involved in the production.

The most recent chapter, Chapter 8: Marital Accumulation (2019), will premiere following the first seven chapters: Chapter 1: Salt & Soda (2012), Chapter 2: Chris and Other Beards (2013), Chapter 3: Hush, hsuH (2014), Chapter 4: Reflecting (2015), Chapter 5: Triangulation (2016), and Chapter 6: The Saddest Lines (2017), and Chapter 7: Me, Myself, and I.

The special Cinéfest screenings will be held at the Sudbury Indie Cinema, which is located at 162 MacKenzie St.