Letter: Casino would ruin Sudbury

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The citizens of the City of Greater Sudbury must choose from the following: Better roads and snowplowing standards, or a new casino?

Growth in the population or a new casino?

Good jobs that have not materialized under the present mayor and council or a new casino?

Better treatment for autistic children or a new casino?

Better, well-paying jobs with new and better ways to meet climate change goals or a new casino?

More transparency of city budgets and reserve funds, or a new casino?

More projects that will lead the city forward with a trade centre designation or a new casino?

A new project with solar panels on the Vale smoke stack that attracts tourists and reduces greenhouse gases or a new casino?

New projects that build housing for older adults and rent geared to income or a new casino?

Tax cuts for citizens instead of tax increases that seniors and low earning families cannot afford or a new casino?


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Do you want a progressive city council that has the interests of the residents in mind or a new casino?

A new casino or working on a project that would remove the CPR tracks from the downtown?

Make renovations to Sudbury Arena at half the cost or a new casino?

Fix the shortage of personal support workers or a new casino?

Provide work and related projects on climate change that could make the city a leader or a new casino?

Keep property taxes within the cost of living or a new casino?

According to an article in The Sudbury Star (‘Toronto and Ottawa get the jobs, Sudbury none, Feb. 8), the mayor is not worried the city has not gained any jobs since 2008. He would rather build a new casino.

If you build a new casino, you allow funds generated from casino operations to be repatriated to the United States.

Would you rather build a new casino or have a substantial debt on the books to be paid by seniors, who will represent about 30 per cent of the population?

Will you continue to encourage young people to move from the city because of high taxes or build a new casino?

Will you create for downtown merchants unfair competition for customers or build a new casino?

Darwin Brunne