I am a champion of the environment — Aino Laamanen

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Aino Laamanen was born in Finland shortly after the Second World War.  At a young age, she immigrated to Canada with her mother and nine siblings to join her father who worked on a dairy farm. Aino learned English and adapted to her new life in Canada. She obtained a bachelor of arts degree at Laurentian University and continued her studies at the University of Toronto.  Aino is fluent in English and Finnish and speaks some French.

Aino moved to Sudbury in 1967 to work in a public accounting firm and started a family with her late husband.  She is a mother of four and a grandmother of six. She co-owned and helped run an industrial/commercial construction company along with her husband.

Aino has always had empathy for the underprivileged, marginalized and vulnerable people in our community — especially the children. She was on the boards for Big Sisters of Sudbury, the Sudbury Theatre Centre, and the Finnish Resthome Society. She also spent time volunteering with The Elgin Street Mission and the Canadian Red Cross.

She is a champion of the environment and spent seven years on the public advisory committee for the Sudbury Soils Study. More recently, she has studied permaculture farming and is a member of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. She has a passion for growing food on her own land and doing it in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way.

Aino is a lifelong learner and loves exploring new ideas and getting the most out of life.  She holds a private pilot’s license and enjoys riding her motorcycle. Aino also enjoys outdoor sports and recreation including: Walking, cross-country skiing, and skating — and has taken a wilderness survival course.  She studies ballroom dance and is passionate about reading.

Aino has a real appreciation for the democratic process, and what it represents.  She believes strongly that voters should be informed and active in the democratic process.  She has volunteered locally for the Conservative Party of Canada for many campaigns and has served on the Nickel Belt Conservative Electoral District Association Board.

Aino believes in the following inspirational values: Respect for democracy, protection for the people and the environment, honesty and transparency with money management.

As the Conservative Party MP candidate for the Nickel Belt riding, Aino wants to listen, collaborate and work to develop consensus; and to advocate for the people of Nickel Belt and bring their concerns to Ottawa.


Aino Laamanen is the Nickel Belt Conservative candidate. Contact information: ainolaamanen2019@gmail.com